The famous Red Light District of Amsterdam is known as De Wallen to the locals. It’s actually the city center. There are around 350 one room “cabins” where legal prostitutes advertise their services. You can see the ladies through the big glass windows or glass doors marked with a red light. Amsterdam’s world renowned Red Light District has a long and interesting history. We’ll walk the small streets and alleyways that wind through the neighborhoods like a maze. This is a very busy area with a lot to see both day and night. It’s filled with both tourists and locals. Expect to see everybody you can imagine.


  • The Old Church – The tower is dedicated to St Nicholas, and dates back to 1300
  • The hidden treasure
  • Prostitutes
  • Full frontal Peepshow
  • Sex Theater
  • Sex Shops
  • The Maze
  • Zeedijk – no. 1 from 1550
  • China Town
  • Chinese Temple
  • The Waag – going back till 1488

And More!



Starting Point on Dam Square

Duration of the tour approximately 2 ,5 hours

We have 4 tours daily

  • 12.00 pm
  • 14.45 pm
  • 16.45 pm
  • 18.45 pm

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