Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions reservations Explore Holland Today (EHT)



Article 1: Changes / cancellations

1.1 Changes in program components and / or showtimes and / or the number of participants may change the price of the outing. In addition to the revised purchase price is entitled EHT per change € 10.00 to charge administrative costs, be shown if no higher cost.

1.2 Amendment of the number of participants may be effected free of charge before the start program once to 48 hours within a 25% margin, and the true last known group.

1.3 To reduce the number of participants exceeds 25% are applied to the cancellation provisions (see section 1.5).

1.4 Additional costs as a result of an increase in the number of participants within 48 hours before the trip charges the customer directly with the operator the location of the break.

1.5 If a reservation is canceled, will be charged the following costs per booking to customer, unless otherwise agreed;

  1. a) Cancellation more than one month before the said time, 5% of the reservation fee.
  2. b) if canceled more than 14 days before the said time, 10% of the reservation fee.
  3. c) if canceled more than 48 hours before the said time, 50% of the reservation fee.
  4. d) if canceled less than 48 hours before the said time, 100% of the reservation fee.

1.6 Cancellation must be in writing and dated, for example by email.

1.7 Any change in the date of the cancellation provisions (see section 1.5) shall apply. Recognizes the customer exactly the same program within six months for a minimum of the same group, then 20% of the earlier penalty paid by the customer as a discount spoke.

1.8 To reduce financial risks of cancellation, accident or premature discontinuation, we recommend taking the customer at travel insurance.


Article 2: Discontinue the program / changes EHT

2.1 If due to circumstances exclusively in its own business operations EHT are located, the EHT is decided that will not continue the program or changes being made therein, the EHT is required to inform the customer.

2.2 Failure to continue the EHT is required immediate refund of (wholly or partially) paid reservation fee, but only if the EHT has offered no program similar to the group instead.


Article 3: General disclaimer

3.1 The organizing EHT reserves the right to make changes in the arrangement, should there be reasonable grounds.

3.2 The organizing EHT accepts no responsibility for photos, brochures and other promotional materials distributed by third parties.

3.3 The organizing EHT accepts no responsibility for the quality and quantity of the EHT contracted catering.

3.4 The organizing EHT accepts no liability for products and services. Use them at your own risk of the customer.


Article 4: Payment terms for customization (not online)

4.1 payment the customer agrees to the program and its terms and conditions.

4.2 At least one week before the occurrence of the program should be credited to the payment to the account of the EHT.

4.3 In case of late payment is € 12.00 EHT forced to spend extra.

4.3 Any changes will be settled afterwards in the number of people.


Article 5: Booking fee

5.1 The provision of reservation brings EHT charge:

5.2 Reversals customers online, then the one-off booking fee € 0.00, regardless of the number of booked activities.

5.3 Reversals customer via employees of the EHT, then the booking fee € 12.50 at one or two activities and € 17.50 for three or more activities.

5.4 For custom booking fees are calculated to measure.